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Q. Do I need a referral?

A. No, you can refer your own child to Speech Pathology.


Q. What does an Assessment involve?

A. An assessment usually involves three parts;

1. A discussion with parents about their concerns

2. Observation of the child in play or conversation

3. Testing of the child's  Speech and Language skills using age appropriate assessments. These are usually fun for the child.


Q. What can I do at home?

A. As a parent, you are your child's most effective teacher. You will be given fun activites to do at home. If you do a little each day your child will progress better than a long session once a week.


Q. How often, and for how long, will my child need to come?

A. As each child is different, and each has different strengths and weaknesses,there is no hard and fast rule here. Most families come weekly or fortnightly for 30 minute sessions. Some children improve very quickly, whilst others will attend for quite a while. Sometimes a child needs a break from therapy. At this practice I work  with  parents to provide a therapy service that suits the child and the whole family.